Road run and display for classic vehicles and motorbikes in support of the

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance and one other charity (to be nominated).

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Winners of the various prizes that were on offer on the day for 2018:-


   Unfortunately I have to confess that the list of prize winners from the day appears to have been 'incorrectly filed' (possibly in the bin!) when we

   cleared up at the end of the day. Apologies for that, but I can assure you that everyone got their prizes and that all of the Silent Auction lots have

   been delivered to, or have been collected by their respective winning bidders.



Our answers to the '2018 Road Run' quiz were:-


1)  Pub initials:- You should have collected 5 x A, 1 x C, 1 x E, 3 x G, 4 x H, 3 x I, 1 x K, 1 x L, 2 x M, 1 x R, 1 x T and 2 x W from the following pubs:

     Antelope, Green Man, White Hart, Three Elms, Kings Arms, Acorn Inn, Red Lion, Greyhound, Admiral Hood, Coach And Horses Inn, WinyardsGap

     Inn and Hunters Moon.      

2)  What is the date on the Methodist Chapel in King Stag?


3)  What two birds of prey can always be seen in Alweston?


4)  What is the name of the Post Office and village stores in Thornfordd?

      Ellwood's Stores      

5)  What is the tenuous connection to Shakespeare between Yetminster and Chetnole?


6)  What is the number on the top of the red post?

     Dorset Red Post - 553040

7)  What will anyone who wilfully damages the bridge between Evershot and Benville be guilty of and what punishment might befall them?

     Felony and Transported for life

8)  What is the name of the cafe at Mapperton House and Gardens?

     Sawmill Cafe

9)  What is the name of the pottery just outside Mosterton?

     Eeles Family Pottery

10) How far have you travelled outside of Dorset and in which county?

     1 mile in Somerset

11) How many different animals are illustrated on the information board at Cheddington and what are they?

     1 x Heron, 2 x Otters, 1 x Buzzard, 1 x Field Mouse, 1 x Butterfly and 1 x Dragonfly

     (there were also 2 dragon logos for West Dorset District Council and Somerset County Council) 

12) What is the admission charge for Minterne Gardens?

     £6 - 00

13) What bird is displayed on the Osehill Farm sign?

     Green and yellow parrot

14) What logo is displayed on the Middle Piccadilly sign?

     A yoga / meditating figure

15) What were this years two oddities at the side of the road?

     A space rocket and an alien (Obviously!!)